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102-107cm TV reviews

02 Feb 2012 | CHOICE puts the latest 102-107cm HD plasma and LCD televisions through their paces.  More »


HD set-top box reviews

13 Oct 2011 | We put 14 set-top boxes, priced from $80 to $150, through their paces, and find out which ones come out on top.  More »

Flat screen TV with image of Uluru

117cm TV reviews

31 Oct 2011 | CHOICE reviews the latest 117cm LCD and plasma TVs, priced $1199 to $3799.  More »


LCD vs plasma TV buying guide

27 Jul 2010 | Plasma or LCD TV? Buying a TV in the 21st century is no mean feat. CHOICE suggests some things to consider before you buy.  More »


DVD recorders with DVR review

12 Oct 2009 | CHOICE looked at the latest selection of digital solutions that not only record TV programs to an internal hard drive, but also play DVDs and record to a DVD.   More »

Tvs in a store

106cm TV reviews

01 Feb 2011 | We take the guesswork out of buying the major television brands by putting them through their paces in our specialised laboratories.  More »

Man watching television

CHOICE guide to digital TV

08 Oct 2010 | Your normal analogue TV will go blank if you haven’t invested in a set-top-box or digital ready TV by 2013. So, what is digital TV and why have it?  More »


TiVo review

11 Nov 2009 | TiVo offers a means of recording free-to-air digital TV without having to learn too much about the inner workings of the machine.   More »

Plasma and LCD Tvs

127-132cm TV reviews

03 Feb 2012 | Not all big HD TVs are 1920 x 1080, but that doesn't mean you can't get a good picture on a slightly lower resolution.  More »

66cm LCD television

66cm TVs review

01 May 2009 | CHOICE takes the guesswork out of buying the major television brands by putting them through their paces in our specialised laboratories.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

55EA9800-TA OLED TV by LG

LG OLED TV first look

20 Dec 2013 | OLED is the latest technology in televisions. CHOICE checks out the new-release OLED TV from LG.  More »

Plasma and LCD TV reviews

Plasma and LCD TV reviews

10 Mar 2014 | Which TV best suits your needs? Our review will help you make the critical decisions.  More »


PlayStation 4 review

30 Jan 2014 | The PlayStation 4 is the last of the eighth-generation consoles to hit the shelves. How does it stack up against the competition?  More »

Universal Remotes

Universal remote control reviews

22 Jan 2014 | The idea behind a universal remote control is to allow you to reduce the number of remotes in your lounge room to one easy-to-use device.  More »

dvr/pvr unit

PVR reviews

10 Jan 2014 | We review eight of the latest PVRs including models with DVD/Blu-ray drives, priced between $149 and $699.  More »


LG Smart TVs

03 Dec 2013 | After reports that LG Smart TVs are sending information on users’ files and watching habits to an LG website, CHOICE decided to see if it was happening in Australia.  More »

CHOICE journalist Peter Zaluzny trying out the Xbox One

Review: Xbox One

27 Nov 2013 | We lined up at midnight on launch day to get our hands on the Xbox One, the first major overhaul of the Xbox in eight years. Here's what we found.  More »


Consoles: good for more than video games

20 Nov 2013 | The next generation of consoles could replace your DVD, Blu-ray player or media hub.  More »


First look: Ouya

19 Nov 2013 | The next console to step into the ring against Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo - but costs far less than the big boys. Does it deserve a place in your living room?  More »


First look: Sony 4K TV

02 Sep 2013 | CHOICE has a first look at the Sony 4K TV.  More »

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