Nutribullet Veggie Bullet review

A first look at the Veggie Bullet, a food processor from the makers of Nutribullet.

From smoothies to vegetables

After the runaway success of the Nutribullet single-serve blender, we were keen to try out the Nutribullet Veggie Bullet, a kitchen appliance designed to spiralize, slice and shred vegetables.

What can it do?

With its bulky physique it certainly looks a lot like the other food processors that we review, and we even tested it alongside them. However, it soon became clear that looks are deceiving: the Veggie Bullet is missing one crucial attachment: processing blades for chopping!

The Veggie Bullet is only designed to spiralize, shred and slice, and is unable to chop, grind, knead dough, emulsify and mix in the same way that most other food processors can. So with limited use we could only slice carrots, shred cheese, grate breadcrumbs, and make carrot and zucchini spirals.

Not really a food processor

We decided not to compare the Veggie Bullet directly with the other food processors in our review. It wouldn't have been fair to penalise it for not being capable of some other important food processing functions.

We review models from Breville, Magimix, Kenwood and more in our food processor reviews.


One of the Veggie Bullet's major features is making vegetable noodles with its spiralizer function, but results were disappointing. When spiralizing zucchini and carrot the strips were suitably thin, but the spirals weren't continuous and had broken lengths.

Comparing the carrot and zucchini results to some of the other standalone spiralizers we've reviewed, it only receives a borderline score of 50%.

Accessories and specs

  • The Veggie Bullet comes with two bowls: one for the slicing and grating, and one for the spiralizer.
  • Additional accessories such as a smoothie attachment can be purchased which, besides drinks, should also allow you to blend a small amount of cooled-down soup, or make dips and dressings, but we haven't tested this functionality.
  • The instructions are comprehensive with recipes and guides.
  • The parts are dishwasher safe.
  • The supplied processing discs can be stored inside the two processing bowls.
  • The spiralizer lid is on a hinge and will hold its position when open.

Ease of use

  • The Veggie Bullet's strong point is that the controls are quite easy to use with minimal buttons, but this does limit its functionality with only one speed option.
  • It's easy to lock the accessories into position, and both the spiralizer disc and reversible slicing/grating discs have finger holes to assist when inserting and removing them.
  • It is relatively light weight with suction feet that keep it stable on the bench.
  • The large exit chute for slicing and shredding requires a large bowl to catch ingredients and food can become stuck inside the chute.
  • This unit is also very noisy during processing.

CHOICE verdict

Overall, the Veggie Bullet is OK and it does the job, but if you are really into preparing your food from scratch (and have the space for extra appliances), you might want to consider purchasing a separate food processor and spiralizer instead for more features and better results.

Nutribullet Veggie Bullet
Price: $249.99

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