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01.Fitbit Ultra


Price: $150 (No longer available)
4 stars out of 5

We've taken a look at the Fitbit Ultra, which helps you track your exercise regime.

The handy device tracks daily steps, stairs climbed, distance, calories burned, and sleep, and then allows you to upload all of the data collected to

You can also track food, water, weight, heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels - however most of these require manual entry into While OK for accuracy, you’ll need to input other types of activities to properly track calories. 

Set-up and installation A simple and elegant set-up is the first impression from installing the software for this exercise tracker, but it’s let down by a complex website with multiple tabs. Anyone who has used a fitness website will recognise the set-up, with dashboard and logging tools.

Logging food Like other food loggers it’s labour intensive to record all the detail and requires a great deal of discipline. A downside of a US-centric device is its lack of Australian food items.

Sleep tracking The sleeping results are fascinating such as deep sleep and dreaming states when your body is moving.

Steps and stairs The combination of altimeter and accelerometer measure the amount of stairs and steps you take.

Smartphone app The smartphone app was useful for recording activities, water and meals, though there is no way to directly link the device to your phone. 

Stopwatch The device has a stopwatch function which helps with recording activities without needing a watch or phone. It’s a shame it isn't waterproof for the swimmers among us.

Display Keeping it simple, a single button brings up an LED to show motivational messages which change daily; "Step Up, Matthew". The novelty factor does wear off. The display progresses through a number of single line updates such as steps, calories, km's and time.

Social media A thumbs up for the social media connection, which can act as a motivational incentive - whether supportive or competitive.

Recharging The recharge mount plugs into your computer and wirelessly syncs to the mount, not requiring physical connection till you need recharging. It lives up to the claim of over 5 -7 days for the battery life.

Holster We were a little disappointed in the holster that attaches the Fitbit to a belt and would prefer something a little more secure, as we lost one sample when walking with a backpack.

CHOICE verdict

This is definitely a useful device for walkers and runners. A lack of Australian content in food logging may be a deal breaker for some but there is no doubt it is a very handy product for self-assessment, however we would like to see an improved holster for the next iteration.



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