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Kindness during COVID-19 should be recognised: CHOICE

Consumer advocate calls for nominations of good business behaviour during COVID-19.

Consumer advocate CHOICE has launched nominations for The Shiny Awards - highlighting businesses and their staff who have displayed compassion, kindness and generosity during the COVID-19 crisis.

"Kindness during COVID-19 should be recognised," says CHOICE Managing Editor Marg Rafferty.

"The Shiny Awards are a recognition that there are some businesses out there doing everything they can to help the community through COVID-19. CHOICE wants to recognise the good people in business and their staff who have gone above and beyond in their communities."

CHOICE is calling for nominations to help recognise the kindness and care that some businesses and their staff have shown towards people during the COVID-19 pandemic. The consumer advocate is seeking nominations across every state and territory.

"Nominations for the The Shiny Awards can be for gestures of goodwill big and small," says Rafferty.

"Whether it's one staff member delivering essentials to people in need or a whole business changing their policies to help the community, we want to hear it."

"Many people know CHOICE best for calling out shonky businesses and practices, and unfortunately we've seen plenty of this during the COVID-19 outbreak. But before we get to our Shonky Awards for the worst business behaviour later in the year, we want to recognise some of the generous responses to the current crisis."

Nominations can be submitted at and will close 5pm EST on May 18.

Media contact:, 0430 172 669

Further information: Why now is the time for kindness - an op ed from Marg Rafferty.