Independent and trusted advice about shopping for your kids, including fact sheets and guides about baby clothing, furniture, and accessories, as well as what products to avoid.


What not to buy second-hand

Some bargains just aren't worth it.

7 Oct 2013 | Second-hand items can be cheap and attractive, but some can pose a hazard to you and your children.

Baby playing

Ten things not to buy your kids

Some common toys and kids' products pose a risk to your child's safety.

13 Sep 2013 | All parents want the best for their children and there's a huge range of products out there to choose from. But beware — some could do more harm than good.


Nice-to-have products

The CHOICE checklist of optional but useful items for you and your baby.

10 Sep 2013 | There are many items that, while not essential, can make life with baby easier and safer.

Mother and baby

Shopping for your baby - must-have products

The CHOICE checklist of essential items to have ready when baby arrives.

10 Sep 2013 | As tempting and exciting as it is to fill the nursery full of baby gear before the birth, you can buy just the essentials to start with.

Baby sleeping

Baby clothing - what you need

Here's a guide to help you make a decision when buying clothes for your baby.

22 Jul 2003 | Many of us go on a spending spree when we're expecting but your little one is going to grow fast so avoid buying expensive things and stick to the basics.


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