Independent and trusted advice about baby and child safety, including fact sheets and guides about child safety devices, and potential hazards in the home.


Tipping stove danger alert

We take precautions to prevent burns to children from stovetop saucepans, but what if the stove itself is the danger?

7 Jul 2008 | While parents are alert to the dangers of hot baths and unguarded pots, there’s another hazard you probably haven't thought of — tipping stoves.


Dishwasher detergent danger

Adults might have trouble opening them, but unfortunately kids can get into some ‘child-resistant’ caps.

5 Jul 2008 | Sadly, child poisoning cases involving household chemicals are far from unusual.


CHOICE's toy industry survey

Our survey that safety is only part of the complex issues we face when buying toys for our children.

6 Jun 2008 | CHOICE investigate how seriously corporate social responsibility is taken in the toy industry.

Toy aisle

Toy safety buying guide

Toys help children develop skills and understanding, but some can be dangerous.

20 May 2008 | Here are some general rules to help you when choosing a toy.

Child in playground

Playground surfaces not all equal

The surface children fall onto in playgrounds makes a big difference to their safety.

4 Jan 2007 | Having an appropriate landing surface that is well maintained significantly lowers the risk of injury should children fall.

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