Kogan enters online grocery market

9 February 2015 | Supermarkets face increased competition as Kogan.com starts selling discounted grocery products.

Discounted groceries

Australian consumers now have another way to save money on their groceries, with Kogan – a website known for its parallel imports of electronics – entering the online grocery market.

Kogan Pantry offers some big savings for consumers on certain products; those we compared were around 40–50% of the price of an equivalent product at Coles or Woolworths.

However, the site doesn't offer a huge range of options and doesn't stock everything that the big supermarkets do. The site's pantry section currently has around 500 products for sale spanning categories such as household cleaning products, beauty and personal care, batteries, and some canned and packaged food items.

The products on the site carry a disclaimer that suggests they may be grey or parallel imports. It reads: "This product may be an international variation and may differ in some respects from other similar products available from local retailers in various countries around the world".

Parallel imports are something CHOICE took a deeper look at back in 2012.

We took a look at some of the products available on Kogan Pantry and compared them to the prices at the online stores of Coles and Woolworths. While we found prices in various instances to be nearly half the price, we also found that you might get a better price if the products were on sale at one of the supermarkets.

Here is an example of some of the price comparisons:


Kogan: Gilette Mach razor blades (10 pack) – $19 or $1.90 each

Woolworths: Gilette Mach razor blades (12 pack) – $36.55 or $3.05 each

Laundry products

Kogan: Radiant Laundry Powder High Performance Top Loader (1.5kg) – $6.92

Coles: High Performance Colour Top Loader Laundry Powder (1.5kg) – $11

Kogan: Vanish Napisan Plus (1kg) – $3.80

Woolworths: Vanish Napisan Inwash & Soaker Plus Advanced (2kg) – $13.96 or $6.98/kilo


Kogan: Duracell Duralock AAA Batteries (4 pack) – $2.96

Coles: Coppertop Alkaline AAA Batteries (4 pack) – $5.50

Packaged rice

Kogan: Tilda Steamed Brown Basmati Rice (250g) – $2.54

Coles: Tilda Steamed Brown Rice (250g) – $3.74

Woolworths: Tilda Steamed Brown Basmati Rice (250g) – $2.00 (on special)

Shoppers on Kogan Pantry can buy as many goods as they like for a fixed shipping rate of $9.99, but delivery takes longer than through Coles and Woolworths. While some products may arrive within a week, others may take up to three weeks.

Kogan.com is a Google Trusted Store, which means it's been screened for "reliable shipping" and "great customer service", and you get free purchase protection up to A$1000 if there turns out to be a problem.