Voice Your Choice 2017 member survey results

What areas should we focus on?

44% said making electricity simpler and cheaper.

43% said fairer, simpler and better value health insurance.

36% said stronger consumer laws.

28% said Health Star Ratings on all packaged food.

26% said better visibility on insurers and payouts.

22% said new banking rules to hold execs accountable.

19% said better product safety laws.

18% said clearer labelling of sugar content.

15% said reducing unsolicited charity calls.

12% said a fairer deal with financial services.

10% said more free range eggs in supermarkets.

8% said changes to international GST arrangements.

7% said better protection for delayed or cancelled flights.

6% said greater awareness of needs of renters.

3% said international action to make ticketing fairer.

2% said energy labelling on alcoholic beverages.

2% said lifting standards for mortgage brokers.

1% said improved regulation around time-share.

Voice your CHOICE respondents, October 2017. n=2785.

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