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215 tyres

Car tyres 205/60R16 reviews

24 May 2013 | Find out which brands score best for braking and cornering performance in wet and dry conditions.  More »

215 tyres

Car tyre 215/60R16 reviews

10 May 2012 | We review 18 brands of car tyres (215/60R16) priced from $105 to $229 each.  More »

useless car extras

Useless car extras revealed

01 Aug 2008 | If you’ve ever bought a new car, you’ll have experienced the hard sell from the dealer, pushing you to add options to the vehicle. Are any of them worth the money?  More »

GPS Reviews - GPS Unit

Car GPS review

21 Nov 2013 | We've tested 18 of the latest car GPS units, priced from $99 to $349, including models from Garmin, Navman and TomTom.  More »


GPS car navigation review Nov 2009

26 Nov 2009 | CHOICE took 12 car GPS units to the streets and we also looked at three devices designed for motorcycles.  More »

Car on country road

Used car buying guide

03 Mar 2011 | "Buyer beware" never applies more than when shopping for a used car.  More »

tyres 175

Car tyres 175/65R14 review

26 Nov 2014 | If you’re shopping for tyres, you don’t have to get the same ones your car left the factory with. We tested 18 size 175/65R14 tyres, costing $66 to $149.   More »

Tyres for small cars

Car tyres 175/65R15 reviews

29 Nov 2013 | Our new rolling resistance test evaluates “eco” claims made by some manufacturers.   More »

Car tyre in a shopping trolley

Car tyres 205/55R16 review

06 May 2014 | 18 brands of 205/55R16 tyres are put through CHOICE's rigorous braking, cornering and rolling resistance tests. We'll tell you which sets to buy and which to avoid.  More »

Car tyres

Car tyres 195/65R15 review and compare

31 May 2010 | This size is currently used on a number of popular small cars such as the Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Kia Cerato, Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla and the Volkswagen Golf.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

tyres 175

Car tyres 175/65R14 review

26 Nov 2014 | If you’re shopping for tyres, you don’t have to get the same ones your car left the factory with. We tested 18 size 175/65R14 tyres, costing $66 to $149.   More »


BMW X3 xDrive28i review

12 Feb 2015 | CHOICE and voting members Nicole and Lynette and their son (Charlie, 6) and daughter (Ginger, 9) drove the BMW X3 around for a weekend of errands such as shopping and a Sunday family outing.  More »


Tesla Model S P85+ review

10 Feb 2015 | With more charging stations planned for Australia, the innovative Tesla is making inroads into the local electric car market.  More »

two girls sitting in boot of car

Hire car excess and hidden fees

08 Jan 2015 | We take a look at the top problems people experience when renting a car and warn you of the traps to watch out for.  More »

woman pokes her head out the sun roof of car

Car hire and your rights

11 Nov 2014 | What to do if your car rental turns bad - your rights under Australian Consumer Law.  More »

modern car keys

Modern car keys

11 Dec 2014 | Ever had to replace an electronic car key? The cost of a new one can come as a shock.  More »


Car security

16 Oct 2014 | We've teamed up with NRMA Insurance to present data on which vehicles from leading manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Audi, Hyundai and Holden, have better security.  More »


Honda Odyssey VTi-L review

09 Sep 2014 | The Adkins family took the new Honda Odyssey VTi-L for a test drive. Was it an epic experience, or nothing out of the ordinary?  More »


ANCAP new car safety ratings

04 Sep 2014 | ANCAP aims to provide safety ratings for popular vehicle makes and models, so consumers can make informed decisions before they buy their next car.   More »


Smartphone car GPS app reviews

19 Jun 2014 | We've tested 19 apps for iPhone, Android and Windows, priced from $0-70 to guide your decision.  More »

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