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How we review electric vehicles

We've gathered crowdsourced data to help you choose an electric vehicle based on real-world performance, as well as manufacturer specifications.

illustration of a white electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a bit of a buzzword at the moment and are increasingly viewed as the way forward for personal transport. They're a way to mitigate the increasing costs of petrol and diesel, an alternative to fossil fuels altogether, or simply an exciting new gadget to enjoy.

Whatever your reasons for being interested, we've collated the information available in the market to help guide you through the world of electric vehicles.

How we choose what we test

If you've been in the market for an EV lately, you'll have noticed ordering one or getting a test drive isn't as simple as just going down to your local car dealer. There is a plethora of roadblocks at the moment, primarily the fact that we simply don't have enough EVs in stock to fulfil the consumer need in Australia.

We've collated the data from all current and future models for FY23–24 and partnered with some industry experts to bring you our electric cars review with real-world figures so that you'll know what to expect when you manage to secure a test drive.

Our expert testers

We don't currently test cars at CHOICE. It's our policy to buy the vast majority of what we test, and putting aside a few million dollars to buy all the electric cars on the market is out of our reach at the moment. However, we did partner with carloop, an Australian-owned data aggregator of electric vehicles, to put together our review based on their feedback and EV expertise.

How we test electric cars

We looked at what factors are important to consumers right now, which includes some pretty basic elements such as real-world range, warranty, efficiency and running costs, as well as how quick EVs are to charge.

We looked at the data available from both real-world feedback and manufacturer claims to develop a weighting and give some guidance to people looking to buy an EV.

The CHOICE Expert Rating (our overall score) is made up of:

  • range, based on real-world feedback (40%)
  • fast charge time, based on manufacturer claims (30%)
  • running costs, based on real-world feedback on efficiency and an EV travelling 14,000km a year, being charged at 30c/kWh for recharge (20%)
  • battery warranty, based on the manufacturer's claim (10%).
We care about accuracy. See something that's not quite right in this article? Let us know or read more about fact-checking at CHOICE.

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