House and car

Independent and trusted tests, reviews and comparisons of home and contents insurance and car insurance policies.

home insurance key fact sheets

Home insurance key fact sheets and easy bank account switching

How much do you know about the latest bank account switching and insurance disclosure rules?

7 Jan 2015 | Simple bank account switching and key fact sheets for home insurance have arrived - but you may not have noticed.


Flooded by home insurance premiums

How much are you paying to insure your home for flood risk?

16 Jul 2014 | A lot has changed with flood cover on home insurance, and a lot has remained the same. How are insurers pricing flood into your home insurance premium?

home and contents insurance

Home and contents insurance reviews

Keep hikes to your home and contents policy at bay with our complete guide to home and contents insurance.

17 Jan 2014 | We review 64 home and contents insurance products from 29 different brands right across Australia, including AAMI, GIO, NRMA and Suncorp.

Car insurance

Car insurance reviews and comparisons

Driven to distraction by increasingly complex car insurance? Use our comparisons to find the best cover at the right price.

28 Aug 2013 | We review 44 car insurance policies for each state and territory.

Model car

Car insurance fact sheet.

Tips on how to find the right car insurance.

20 May 2013 | Even if you drive a bomb you don’t think is worth insuring you’re still wise to take out some form of insurance.

Home insurance

Home and contents premium hikes

Why is the insurance industry playing fast and loose with the flood cover issue?

31 Jan 2013 | Premium hikes over the last year have often come with the addition of mandatory flood cover, but it’s not clear flood risk has anything to do with it.

Family outside home

Home and contents insurance fact sheet

Choose the right policy and beware of underinsurance.

20 Oct 2011 | Estimates vary, but some say up to 80% of Australian homes are underinsured.


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