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Can bread really make you brainier?
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  • Updated:15 Sep 2006

03.Low glycaemic index

The claims

  • “Low GI for sustained energy.”
    - TIP TOP Up Energi
  • “For slow energy release and increased feeling of fullness.”
    - BURGEN Mixed Grain
  • “Digested slowly to give sustained energy.”
    - MOORES Rye and Wholegrain Low GI
  • “The carbohydrate in [COUNTRY LIFE BAKERY] Performax (GI 38) is digested and absorbed gradually in contrast to the rapid absorption of regular wholemeal breads (GI 77).”
  • “It’s the low GI that really satisfies, with the sustained energy to help your kids work and play.”

The facts

Most of these claims are little more than marketing hype.

If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes there’s growing evidence that you should be considering GI as a factor in making healthy food choices, but for generally healthy people research hasn’t yet shown significant health benefits.

Low GI doesn’t necessarily mean ‘healthy’: potato crisps have a low GI and so does chocolate cake.

The verdict

If you’re concerned about GI, you might just as well buy ordinary multigrain bread — it has a lower GI than most of the brands of bread we found making special GI claims.


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