Multigrain bread reviews

Multigrain breads can be top scorers for taste and texture, and rate well nutritionally.
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04.Taste test

We couldn't test all 56 brands and varieties of multigrain bread in the major supermarkets, but wecompared their nutritional value, and our taste testers then rated 16 of the healthier breads for flavour and texture.

Helga’s Seed Sensations Rich Wholegrain is best for taste and also scores well for texture, with a “nice open texture, not gluggy” and a “mild brown bread taste”.

Others scoring well were Bürgen 5 Ways for Weight Management Wholemeal and Seeds, Schwob’s Bread Plus Roasted Seeds and Helga’s Continental Bakehouse Wholemeal Grain. Least impressive were the generic brands from Coles, Woolworths and IGA, which were described by our tasters as “without much texture” and “like wet cardboard”. Coles Bakery Soy & Linseed and Aldi’s Bakers Life Multigrain were exceptions, these cheaper supermarket breads outscored more expensive brands.

We also included one gluten-free multigrain bread for comparison. Gluten gives texture and it’s hard to duplicate normal bread without it, but in our taste test Country Life Bakery Multigrain Gluten Free still managed to outscore Coles, Woolworths and IGA generic multigrain breads.

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How we tested

For each of the major brands we picked their healthier breads, looking for maximum dietary fibre and minimum salt (see the table for details). We asked 44 ordinary consumers (22 men and 22 women), all CHOICE staff, to taste the bread and rate its texture
and flavour. The breads were presented in random order and were identified only by number. Each bread was tasted by 12-13 people.

Using the table

Nutrients based on information on the label.

Prices Based on prices we paid in Sydney in March 2010.

(A) Bakers Delight makes other multigrain breads with more fibre and less salt, but this was the only one available at the time of purchase.

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