Energy drinks

They're the drink of choice for many children but are they suitable?
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  • Updated:9 Jan 2005



In brief

  • Energy drinks such as RED BULL and V have obvious appeal to kids but can contain as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Even small amounts of caffeine can make kids anxious and disturb their sleep patterns.
  • Many of these drinks are also loaded with sugar, which most of us can do without.
  • Energy drinks aren't sports drinks. They generally won't keep up your hydration when you're active.

They’re fizzy drinks with a difference. RED BULL “vitalizes body and mind”, V “invigorates you, replenishes energy levels, improves mental alertness and enhances concentration”, BLUE OX “increases strength and stamina” and NAUGHTY BOY will “energise your body” and “enliven your mind”.

What most of them in fact do is give you a caffeine fix with plenty of sugar.

Not called 'bull' for nothing ...

The taurine in many energy drinks gets its name from the fact that it was first extracted from ox bile (taurus is Latin for ‘bull’). It’s now made synthetically, but the rumour has spread (presumably by word association) that taurine comes from bulls’ testicles. This is of course not the case, but it’s a great promo for energy drinks.

Please note: this information was current as of January 2005 but is still a useful guide today.



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