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We investigate diet programs and uncover confusing advice as well as aggressive sales tactics.
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CHOICE investigates popular diet programs, uncovering confusing and sometimes bizarre advice as well as aggressive sales tactics.

CHOICE’s shadow-shop included weight loss chains:

To see how these diet clinics stack up against each other, we sent three shadow shoppers out into the field. We then asked our panel of experts to weigh in on how these programs measure up in terms of advice, cost and suitability, and to respond to some of the more bizarre weight loss advice they received.

Australia is now the fourth-fattest nation on the planet, and as more Australians seek assistance in shedding those extra kilos, our weight loss industry is expected to benefit in 2012, with forecast growth of 2.3% estimated to be worth $792 million.

For more information about Weight loss, see Diet and exercise.


Meet the experts


(From left to right):

  • Dr Alan Barclay is spokesperson for the Dieticians Association of Australia. He has a PHD from the University of Sydney on the association between glycemic carbohydrate and the rish of developing lifestyle-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes.
  • Melanie McGrice is a registered practising dietician from Victoria who specialises in weight control. She's also director of Health Kick, a consultancy specialising in weight management and metabolic diseases.
  • Dr Sam Hay is a Sydney GP who regularly sees patients with weight control issues. He also has postgraduate training in sports medicine, with a particular interest in lifestyle-modifiable conditions such as obesity and diabetes.


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