Exercise equipment

Independent and trusted reviews and tests of exercise equipment, including information about treadmills, swimming gear, and home gym equipment.


Power Balance quick review

This so-called exercise-assisting “hologram” is nothing more than a pricey placebo.

26 Aug 2010 | Power Balance claims its products work with, and optimise, your body’s energy field.

Woman on crosstrainer

Crosstrainer buying guide

Elliptical crosstrainers offer a low-impact, full-body workout at home.

2 Jul 2010 | The crosstrainer (also called an elliptical trainer) has been growing in popularity. The smooth-flowing movement has been likened to a mix of cross-country skiing and slow running.

Goggles on trial

Swimming goggles

Your guide to finding the right pair of goggles this summer.

30 Nov 2009 | We reviewed 17 goggles priced between $3 and $50, selected from the major brands. See our top 10 buys and the technical advances worth paying for.


Home gym on a shoestring

A few CHOICE buys will give you an effective home gym that costs less than $100.

25 Nov 2009 | Think you need lots of space and money to set up an effective home gym? CHOICE's shopping list of equipment comes in at about $100.


Heart rate monitor reviews

Whether you’re an athlete or just keeping an eye on your health when exercising, what can you expect from a heart rate monitor?

12 Nov 2009 | Choice tested 19 heart rate monitors for ease of use and performance, priced between $30 and $399.

A crosstrainer machine

Crosstrainers review and compare

Elliptical crosstrainers offer low-impact, whole-body exercise – but choose the right one.

4 Aug 2009 | CHOICE put seven models to the test, to find which ones are easiest and most comfortable to use while still giving an effective workout.

Running shoe cross-section

Running shoes buying guide

How to pick the best pair of running shoes for your foot type

10 Mar 2008 | Choosing the right pair of running shoes can be a frustrating (and expensive) task. CHOICE discovered even professional runners can find the experience overwhelming.

Surfboard on beach

Surfboards - epoxy or fibreglass?

Find out which is best with CHOICE’s round up of the latest surfboard options.

10 Dec 2007 | Recently, a new type of mass produced epoxy surfboard arrived on the market which the makers claim is more suitable for novice surfers than the traditional fibreglass surfboard.

Apple and Nike logos

Nike+ / iPod Sport Kit quick review

Need a bit of help to stay fit? How about some extra motivation?

19 Nov 2007 | The Nike+ / iPod Sport Kit is a personal workout coach with a difference.

Child on bodyboard in surf

Bodyboards buying guide

Bodyboards are more affordable, less tiring, safer and easier to transport than surfboards.

29 Oct 2007 | Bodyboards are a great way to hit the surf without going through the hard yards of learning to surf.

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