Aldi left red-faced by repackaged Coles deodorant

18 Jan 2017 | Removes product from store shelves

Budget supermarket chain Aldi has been left red-faced when its shoe deodoriser was found to be repackaged antiperspirant from Coles.

A photo of the packaging gaffe gained popularity on reddit earning 32000 votes and 1700 comments, at the time of publication. 

"My shoe deodoriser from ALDI is actually just a Coles women's antiperspirant with a plastic label," the post was labelled. 

The shoe deodoriser had been on sale since 11 January.
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Image credit: Reddit user cl3ft

Shoppers took to Facebook in search of answers from Aldi Australia. 

"Why is your shoe deodorising spray a Coles woman's deodorant?," one customer asked.  

"My label peeled off and [I] was not happy"

Aldi responded to the post with a statement.

"ALDI Australia is working with our supplier following customer reports of a packaging fault with our Powerforce Shoe Deodoriser 100g Special Buy.

"We have withdrawn the product from sale and are investigating the error, however we can confirm the product is a shoe deodoriser and the content is true to the ALDI packaging."

The supermarket chain said the product can still be used as a shoe deodoriser, but will offer unsatisfied shoppers a refund. 

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

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