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CHOICE response to announcement of new button battery mandatory safety standards

Today the Morrison Government has announced the introduction of new mandatory safety and information standards to help protect Australian children from button batteries, which are highly dangerous if swallowed, and can result in serious injury or death.

Quotes attributable to CHOICE product safety campaigner Amy Pereira:

“Today marks a momentous day for parents and families across Australia with the introduction of long-awaited mandatory safety and information standards for button batteries. Button batteries are harmful, commonplace items found in kitchen scales, thermometers, novelty toys and accessories, and can cause serious and irreversible injury or death when swallowed by children.”

“CHOICE has been calling for a mandatory standard for button batteries for a number of years and is pleased that the new rules will help prevent further deaths and injury to young children in Australia.”

“It shouldn’t be up to parents and families to test the safety of products in their homes. They should be able to trust that what they buy will not harm their loved ones. In addition to mandatory standards, a general product safety provision in the consumer law will help ensure that products at shops and online are safe for all consumers.”

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