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Infant formula shortage

CHOICE calls on parents to report infant formula shortages and for the Federal Government to act to protect supply

12 November 2015

Consumer advocacy group CHOICE is calling on the Federal Government to guarantee the supply of infant formula for children under the age of one, as parents across the country struggle to find a reliable source of the supplement.

"With parents faced with empty shelves as they go from store-to-store in search of baby formula, it's time for the Federal Government to act to ensure the reliable supply of the supplement," says CHOICE's Kate Browne.

"We need to collect national information about the shortages and find out exactly where and why they are happening. We'll use any insights to help strengthen our hypothesis that the government and retailers need to act to ensure parents and carers have access to a reliable formula supply.

"CHOICE has put the call out to parents to report shortages at retailers across the country. Parents can report infant formula shortages at

"There have been numerous reports of empty shelves or of retailers failing to enforce sales limits. Some of the brands in high demand include A2 Platinum, S26 and Bellamy's Organic.

"If you see or experience a shortage, report it," Ms Browne says.

"Babies under one often need formula for nutrition and for some it's their only reliable food source. Consumers need protections so they can ensure their babies receive enough nutrients.

"It's now time for the Federal Government to act to ensure parents have access to a reliable baby formula supply to protect some of the nation's youngest and most vulnerable consumers.

"We call on the Federal Government to put a range of options on the table and to look at solutions put forward in Hong Kong and New Zealand where there have been similar shortages," says Ms Browne.

Further information can be found at

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