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Healthy start for star system

CHOICE says companies now have all they need to plate up better food labelling

6 February 2014

With the launch of the Health Star Rating Scheme, food companies now have all the information required to roll out better nutrition labelling for consumers.

“The Health Star Rating Scheme is a world-first front-of-pack labelling system developed by industry, public health and consumer experts and backed by governments,” says CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland. 1

“It will provide consumers with a star rating that will tell them at-a-glance which products are healthier, as well as providing clear information about nasties like salt and saturated fat upfront.”

The Health Star Rating Scheme was signed off by federal, state and territory food and health ministers in December 2013 and was expected to be implemented under a voluntary code run by the Australian Food and Grocery Council.

Food companies can now find the information they need to roll out the Health Star Rating Scheme on their products at the website

“The launch of the Health Star Rating Scheme is great news because it means those food companies that want to do the right thing can now give consumers nutrition information in a format they can easily understand.”

“CHOICE is now standing by and waiting to congratulate the star company that moves first on front-of-pack food labelling.”

“Consumers have waited long enough for better food labelling and CHOICE calls on food companies to ditch the dodgy Daily Intake Guide and shoot for the stars.” 

[1] The Health Star Rating Scheme was developed by a committee chaired by the Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Health and with representatives from:
  • Australian Beverages Council
  • Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance
  • Australian Food and Grocery Council
  • Australian Industry Group
  • Australian Medical Association
  • Australian National Retail Association
  • Obesity Policy Coalition
  • Public Health Association of Australia
  • State and territory governments

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