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Do you need a wrap fund?

Wraps funds can be a good way to simplify your financial life, including tax preparation.

12 Oct 2012 | Choose a wrap fund that will comply with FoFA requirements, or charges fees for specific services that are clearly outlined in the agreement between you and your adviser.


Saving for your children's education

The sooner you start saving, the better.

29 May 2012 | The cost of putting your child through school has increased by 70% over the past 10 years.

Worried investor

NIB shareholder warning

Direct Share Purchasing Corporation and Hassle Free Shares offer to buy shares at below market value.

13 Aug 2009 | NIB has issued a warning to its shareholders about an offer they may receive from Hassle Free Shares.

Gold dollar sign

Investing in gold

Gold is considered a safe haven in uncertain times, but will it lose its shine?

7 May 2009 | As shares and property crashed and the world nudged closer to recession, canny investors steadily turned their attention to one of the world’s oldest asset classes – gold.

Shares board

CHOICE guide to buying shares

The plunging share market is attracting bargain hunters. CHOICE guides first-time investors through their options.

23 Mar 2009 | Despite the market hitting a five-year low, the worst may not be over, with further ups and downs likely in this volatile economic environment.


A warranty for your investments

What is an investment warranty and does it mean your money in a mortgage trust is safe?

3 Jun 2008 | You wouldn’t buy a telly without a warranty … so why would you invest without one?

Piggy bank with umbrella

Capital protected investments

A guarantee on your investment sounds great but it can be deceptive.

30 Apr 2008 | Experts say capital protection comes at a cost: most of your money is used for a low return/high-security investment to provide the capital guarantee.

Money in a padlock

Wraps and master trusts

Wraps and master trusts can provide convenience and choice, but beware high fees and adviser kick-backs.

1 Mar 2008 | Wraps and master trusts dominate as one-stop-shops for accessing a wider range of investments.


CHOICE guide to margin loans

Borrowing to invest can make your money work harder but it's a risky strategy in a volatile market.

7 Feb 2008 | The margin loan is secured against the investment you make with it and/or other investments you have.


Ethical investing guide

You might be surprised where some ethical and sustainable funds invest your money.

26 Aug 2007 | State governments' super funds are investing millions of dollars of their employees’ super in gambling, cigarette and oil companies?

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