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It's that time of year again, when mattresses go on sale with price tags boasting up to 40% off. So it's timely that the results of our mattress satisfaction survey are in. This survey of 3500 members ranks the major brands and retailers. The results are based on genuine user-experiences. Coincidentally, our US and UK sister publications, Consumers Report and Which?, also ran mattress brand satisfaction surveys, with very similar top results to ours – Tempur brand mattresses took out the number one slot in all three countries.

While you’ve asked CHOICE many times to test mattresses, experts tell us that bed comfort is all about personal preference (see our mattress buying guide for tips), so shopping around is vital. With retailers selling so many brands, mattress types and models – which are often the same brand under a different name - the choice is never easy. Furthermore, the bed industry is driven by discounts and conspires against meaningful price comparisons.

Something else that came through strongly in your feedback were issues around returns and general dissatisfaction with the terms of the warranties. It seems in the subjective world of mattress comfort, the manufacturer has final say. CHOICE's Fair Warranties campaign is compulsory reading, so you know your rights before you hand over your money.

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Brands surveyed and rated in this report for member satisfaction

  • Tempur
  • Sleepyhead
  • Sultan
  • Makin Mattresses
  • Madison
  • Simmons
  • Dunlop
  • Sealy
  • Slumberland
  • A.H. Beard
  • Sleep City
  • Dunlopillo
  • Sleepmaker
  • Crown

How we survey

Mattresses 3500 CHOICE members who bought a mattress in the last five years:

  • Rated how satisfied they were with their mattress
  • Told us the main reason they purchased a brand (price, comfort, durability, recommended by someone else)
  • Identified whether they purchased an inner spring, foam or latex mattress, and how much they paid
  • Advised if they would buy the same brand again
  • Identified whether the mattress had improved their sleep.

Mattress retailers More than 2500 CHOICE members who bought a mattress in the last three years:

  • Rated their retailer on cost, product range and customer service 
  • Identified if they tried out their mattress before buying, and for how long
  • Advised whether they received a discount from a particular retailer
  • Told us if they returned their mattresses to the retailer – and, if so, their reasons and any problems they experienced.


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