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Modern ovens do a lot more than just bake.
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06.How we tested


We changed the method this time, so it’s not possible to compare these ovens to those we’ve tested previously.


Our CHOICE home economist got busy baking a range of delicious treats from meringues and custard tarts to chickens and pizzas. Different foods were cooked to test the various features of the oven and grill on offer:


  • Our home economist toasted bread to assess the speed, evenness and heating area of each griller, as well as its ability to produce a quantity of evenly toasted bread in a short time.
  • She also grilled sausages to assess the speed, evenness and heating area of the griller. Grilling sausages also creates a lot of mess in the oven so it helps our testers assess how easy each model is to clean.


  • She baked scones to test how well it baked using convection mode at a high temperature and to examine how evenly it baked.
  • She cooked sponge cakes to check how well the ovens cooked evenly on multiple shelves.
  • Meringues were baked to test how well the models could handle cooking at a low temperature for a long period of time.
  • Custard tarts to see how the ovens handled a combination food and the ‘turn down’ capacity.
  • She cooked a fresh pizza to see how well each model could cook a crisp firm golden brown base.
  • She also roasted a chicken.

Ease of use

The ovens were assessed for ease of use which included the controls, grill, oven and cleaning.


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