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Is there any evidence to support claims for over-the-counter anti-snoring products?
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  • Updated:27 Apr 2006

04.Case studies

We also asked eight couples to try some of the products to find out how easy and comfortable they are to use.

What were they like to use?

While one user isn’t enough to find out conclusively whether a product works, some of the snorers’ partners did think the product lessened the frequency or volume of the snoring.

However, the professor of sleep we consulted pointed out that in his experience, snorers’ partners often report improved symptoms with placebos, so subjective observation alone wouldn’t be enough to prove the product worked.

As noted elsewhere in this article, it would take a number of scientific, properly designed trials to objectively determine each product’s efficacy. Our guinea pigs just told us what they thought they’re like to use.

Ruth and Ivan:

  • Ivan, the snoring partner, said SnoreStop Extinguisher (a homeopathic product) was easy to use as it didn’t smell or taste bad. Ruth thought Ivan’s snoring was quieter at first.

Nick and Alex:

  • Nick tried the SnoreStop homeopathic tablets and thought they tasted fine. He and Alex noticed no effects, adverse or otherwise.

Gene and Liz:

  • Gene thought the essential oils (aromatherapy) Anti Snoring Blend stopped him snoring because the smell kept him awake. Liz said, “The smell was very unpleasant for both of us.” They abandoned it after one night.

Dorothy and Peter:

  • Peter’s snoring not only disturbs his partner Dorothy, but also wakes him. He tried the BREATHE RIGHT nasal strips, and said they were easy and comfortable to use. Dorothy thought his snoring was quieter, but Peter didn’t notice any significant results.

Scott and Kyoko:

  • Kyoko hoped the DICK WICK’S Magnetic Anti-snore Pillow would be more effective than her usual methods to control Scott’s snoring: “I pinch his nose, turn his head, kick his legs and tell him he’s snoring.” However, Scott was unimpressed with the pillow — by night four he was waking up every hour with a stiff neck.

Willa and Hao:

  • Willa and her husband Hao tried the DENTONS Anti-snore Silent Knight Therapeutic Pillow. Unlike Scott, he found this pillow quite comfortable, so he slept (and snored) soundly.

Antonio and Maria:

  • Maria tried the Nozovent nasal dilator, but found her nose felt like

“… it was being stretched to the limit — after a while it became unbearable.” The product comes in three sizes, so she may have got the wrong one.

Linda and Vern:

  • Vern’s snoring wakes Linda four or five times a week. He tried the essential oil spray Helps Stop Snoring, which he said tasted “unusual” but he eventually got used to it. He thought it wasn’t very cost-effective. Linda thought his snoring was quieter.

This article last reviewed April 2006


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