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Beware processed snacks that are loaded with sugar and bad fats.
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06.Processed fruit

Processed fruit is the most nutritious out of all the categories we looked at, and should be the healthy snacker’s first port of call. Fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth while providing lots of important vitamins, minerals and fibre, which is vital if you’re relying on snacking to get you  through the day. Fresh fruit is best and it is easy to grab a piece on your way out the door, but canned and dried fruit are good options if you need something with a long shelf life.

Watch your portions of dried fruit, as it’s a concentrated form of sugar and contains added oils. Some more exotic dried fruit such as mango and strawberry also have added sugars. They can also stick to your teeth, contributing to dental decay. Limit yourself to three or four dried apricots or no more than 40g of sultanas or other dried fruits. We looked at single serve fruit cups here. Choose fruit cups in natural juice and check the ingredients lists for products with the highest percentage of fruit (58% or more).


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