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Christmas pudding reviews

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Last updated: 12 November 2019


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We blind taste test and review 13 Christmas puddings and plum puddings, from brands including Aldi, Coles, Itha’s and Pudding Lady, to find out which one is worthy of being the grand finale to your celebratory feast.

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  • Our Christmas pudding buying guide summarises our findings, looks at whether expensive puds are better and provides recipes for sauces to serve with your pudding this Christmas.
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How we test


We tested 13 Christmas puddings, from high-end offerings by specialist producers to supermarket brand puddings that are available nationally in store or online. Price is based on the price we paid for a 1kg (or closest) pudding (not including postage and handling where applicable) in October 2019.  


We re-heated puddings in the microwave according to directions on pack. Our experts tasted the Christmas puddings 'blind' (without knowing the brands). They assessed the puddings for appearance and quality of finish, flavour and aroma, texture and baked quality and quality of mixture. The experts were looking for good shape, weight, balanced fruit, spice and alcohol flavours, even distribution of good-quality fruit ingredients and puds that held their shape when cut. 


Experts independently judged all Christmas puddings. The CHOICE score is made up of appearance/quality of finish (25%), flavour and aroma (40%), texture/baked quality (20%) and mixture quality (15%). 

We recommend products with a CHOICE score of 70% or more.

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