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The Mint Slice challenge: Aldi vs Arnott's

We put Aldi's Belmont Mint Crémes up against Arnott's original Mint Slice – which one took the biscuit?

aldi belmont chocolate mint cremes vs arnotts mint slice
Last updated: 04 November 2019

Need to know

  • 47 CHOICE staff took our blind taste test and voted for their favourite-tasting choc-mint biscuit
  • Many people couldn't tell the difference between the original Arnott's biscuit and the Aldi version
  • Aldi's knock-off is less than half the RRP of the original Mint Slice

One of the great Australian favourites, Mint Slices have long held a special place in our nation's collective heart. And if there's anything better than a choc-mint biscuit, it's a choc-mint biscuit that costs less than half the price of your favourite! We blind-tasted the original Arnott's Mint Slice against Aldi's Belmont Mint Crémes to see whether the Aldi version is as delicious as the original. 

Mint Slice challenge: Arnott's vs Aldi

Is Aldi's Belmont Mint Créme biscuit as tasty as Arnott's Mint Slice? CHOICE staff conducted a blind taste test to find out which is more delicious – and to see whether you can even tell the difference.

And the winner is…

Arnott's – but only just! The OG just pipped Aldi at the post, with 55.3% of the vote going to Arnott's and 44.7% going to Aldi's knock-off version. 

Many of our testers told us they couldn't tell which one was the original, and most people said they definitely wouldn't know the difference if someone were to give them an Aldi biscuit instead of an Arnott's Mint Slice. 

  • "I thought I'd know a Mint Slice, because my maths tutor used to give them to me with a cup of tea every week. But the first one I tried, I thought it was Aldi. But when I switched, I wasn't as sure. It's left me a bit perplexed." - Siobahn
  • "They are really hard to tell apart. I'm stumped. I've changed my mind several times on which one's the original." - Wendy
  • "If someone just gave it to me and said, 'here's a Mint Slice', I probably wouldn't be able to tell." - Saimi

They are really hard to tell apart. I'm stumped. I've changed my mind several times on which one's the original.


That's a much closer result than our Tim Tam challenge, in which 61% of our testers voted for the Arnott's bikkie, compared to 39% for the Aldi version. 

Around two-thirds of our testers correctly identified which biscuit was the Arnott's original Mint Slice, but since only 55% voted for the Arnott's biscuit as their favourite, it's safe to say that some people preferred the Aldi version even though they knew it wasn't the Arnott's bikkie.

  • "I expected the Mint Slice to taste better, but it seems like the Aldi one was a fierce competitor and it actually got my vote. And I love Mint Slices. They're my biscuit of choice. So I'm pretty shook right now, to be honest." - Amy
  • "I would be quite happy eating the Aldi one. In fact, I'd be inclined to buy the Aldi one over the Arnott's one, just because it's mintier." - Wendy

And again, the Aldi mint creme biscuit is less than half the price of the Arnott's Mint Slice (when paying full RRP), so the Aldi version is pretty good bang for your buck.

  • "I think I'd put out the good ones first, and then once everyone's gorged on those I'd put out the other ones. By then they won't know." - Jason

How did we do it?

Forty-seven brave CHOICE staff put their tastebuds on the line in a blind taste-test. We asked them to taste both the biscuits, then vote for their favourite. 

We also played 'Are they Arnott's?', asking testers to tell us which biscuit they thought was the original Mint Slice. 

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What were the results?

  • 55.3% of CHOICE taste-testers preferred the Arnott's biscuit, based on taste
  • 44.7% preferred the Aldi product
  • 67.5% correctly identified the Arnott's product
  • 32.5% thought the Aldi product was the original Arnott's product
  • A number of testers said they'd happily buy the Aldi product
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