Christmas pudding reviews

When it comes to Christmas puds, it pays not to be a scrooge.
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03.Budget puddings

These aren't quite as good as the expensive options, but they're gentler on your hip pocket.

 woolies-gold-pudding    fowlers-luxury-pudding

Woolworth's Gold Vintage Christmas Pudding

Price: $1.98/100g

Tasting notes:
“The glacé orange slices look good, but it needs careful cutting for serving. Good texture, though nuts could be cut smaller. Very fruity and moist.”


Fowlers Luxury Plum Pudding

Price: $1.63/100g

Tasting notes:
“Characteristic pudding basin shape with a smooth surface. Moist, but a little doughy and sticky in texture, making it crumble during cutting. Slight bitter/burnt aftertaste.”

 lions-traditional-pudding    coles-finest-pudding

Lions Traditional Lions Christmas Pudding

Price: $1.22/100g

Tasting notes:
“Good appearance, pudding basin shape. Good distribution of fruit and cake, but slightly dry texture. Slightly bitter aftertaste.”


Coles Finest Luxury Christmas Pudding

Price: $1.56/100g

Tasting notes:
“Topping of nuts and whole cherries is uneven, and the nuts are too soft. Doughy cake mixture that falls apart on cutting. Nice fruity flavour. Good if you like a really moist pudding.”


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