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TV redemption

One of the most popular tools companies use to get an edge on the competition is the ‘redemption’ promotion. Basically, the free stuff you're eligible for once you've made your purchase. Most of us love a bargain - and all of us love something for nothing - however some consumers may be reticent to follow through, thinking it will be too much trouble.

In order to get a definitive answer, CHOICE went through the redemption process with several companies. We purchased over a dozen televisions leading up to Christmas 2010, for inclusion in our continuous testing program. We decided to follow the redemption offers to see whether the products on offer were worth the effort. Our conclusion is it’s well worth the effort.

How it works

Redemption schemes usually involve mailing proof of purchase, or registering the product either online or sending in the warranty card to earn the bonus product promoted. Some of these items can be quite small, such as a mouse mat or camera cleaning kit, but increasingly the redemption offer can be significant, like a games console or home theatre system.

Why CHOICE purchases all its test products

CHOICE has been testing products and helping consumers know what to buy and what to avoid for 50 years. As many long-time CHOICE members are aware, CHOICE buys the products tested to ensure we:

  1. Get the same buying experience as you do on the shop floor.
  2. Avoid potential bias issues from companies that routinely supply free product to review sites and magazines in an effort to garner favourable press.



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