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Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides. Compare price and performance of home phones, including cordless phones.

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Cordless phone reviews

We test 21 cordless home phones plus one corded landline, priced from $55 to $399.

28 Apr 2014 | We review a range of cordless phones, with one corded landline in the mix, including models from Panasonic, Telstra, Uniden and more.


Cordless phones without answering machines review

Hold the phone! A simple landline phone could still have a place in your home.

21 Jul 2011 | We look at models that work with an extra handset, providing added versatility.

Man on phone

Do I need a landline?

Should you think about ditching your home phone altogether or is there life in the tried-and-true service yet?

9 Feb 2011 | We look at existing landline and mobile options as well as some cutting-edge alternatives.

Cordless phone with anwsering machine

Cordless phones with answering machine review 2009

An answering machine offers freedom at home and peace of mind when away.

5 Jun 2009 | All phones tested are charged via a base station that sends the signal wirelessly to the handset, so you can have a chat while moving around the house.

Cordless phone

Cordless phones review 2008

Cordless phones remain a fixture in most Australian homes.

5 Dec 2008 | In an effort to keep cordless phones relevant, manufacturers have introduced extra features, such as support for SMS, Bluetooth wireless headsets and even the ability to make calls over the internet.

Mobile phone sitting on top of newspapwer

Cordless phones buying guide

What to look for when buying a digital cordless phone.

25 Jun 2008 | Digital cordless phones are about to push analogue models off the market. They provide better sound quality and encrypt your conversation, so eavesdropping is less likely to be an issue.


VoIP headsets review

Heard the buzz about VoIP and want to know what all the fuss is about?

4 Jun 2006 | We’ve tested six headsets that can plug into your computer to make phone calls over the internet.



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