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Portacot reviews

Portacots are handy if you're on the move, but how can you tell which are the safest for your child?
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Childcare dreamer travel cot

We review 30 portacots, priced from $60 to $480.

Our rigorous testing covers the main safety concerns for portable cots including falls, strangulation and suffocation. Our results reveal which:

  • Are the safest and meet mandatory and non-mandatory requirements of the Australian Standard
  • Are the easiest to use
On this page:

Portacots are very handy when you’re on the move, but how can you tell which are the safest? What features should you look out for? And are accessories such as change tables and bassinets safe or a potential hazard?

Also referred to as travel cots, portable cots and folding cots – they are collapsible sleeping enclosures designed for temporary use with infants and babies.

Mandatory standard

Mandatory safety requirements took effect in March 2009 – based on some of the clauses from standard AS/NZS 2195:1999.

Our safety testing covers the mandatory requirements to check that:

  • The folding mechanism is secure
  • There are no gaps that could trap a child’s head
  • The mattress is safe
  • The cot has adequate warnings about safe use

The full standard also incorporates many voluntary tests that cover entrapment hazards, sharp edges and points and strength of construction.

The 2010 version of the standard (which is yet to be made mandatory) has an important addition that calls for adequate breathable zones (in the event that a baby manages to roll face-first against the side). This test involves checking that all sides of the cot are made predominantly from a mesh material that allows for air flow through the cot. Even though this is yet to be made a mandatory requirement it forms part of our primary criteria. 

CHOICE would like to see portable cots comply with the full voluntary standard, in particular the latest version that addresses breathability.

Models tested

  • Aussie Baby CH-8103 (A)
  • Babyco Classic 4004695
  • Babyhood Bambino Dormire
  • Babylove Cruiser Portable Cot #
  • Babylove Mascot (A)
  • Chicco Lullaby LX
  • Chicco Lullaby Magic #
  • Childcare Deluxe (A)
  • Childcare Galaxy (A)
  • Childcare Galaxy XL Travel Cot #
  • Childcare Orbit DL (A)
  • Childcare Orbit XL
  • Childcare 4-in-1 Travel Cot #
  • Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders (A)
  • Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo
  • Go Safe Urbane Portacot #
  • Love n Care Deluxe Playland (A)
  • Love n Care Playland Travel Cot #
  • Love n Care 3 in 1 Sleep N Go
  • Mother’s Choice Baby Cino
  • Mother’s Choice Kingdom Deluxe
  • Nuna Sena #
  • Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy Porta-Cot (SEE001) #
  • Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy (SEEMPE ON)
  • Steelcraft Eclipse 4 in 1 Portable Cot #
  • Steelcraft Siesta 2 in 1 Portable Cot #
  • Steelcraft Sonnet (A)
  • Valco Zephry Portacot #
  • Vee Bee Commuter
  • Vee Bee Commuter Plus

# Newly tested models
(A) Discontinued

How we test

Our tester, Matthew Tung, assesses safety performance and design against the requirements of selected clauses of the Australian Standard, AS/NZS 2195:1999 Folding cots – Safety requirements. We also tested the breathability clause from the 2010 standard.

To determine ease of use, Matthew assesses the portable cots on:
• How easy they are to set up and pack away
• How easy they are to store

Where bassinets and change tables are supplied as accessories, we also assess their safety.

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