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Elite Baby All in 1 Deluxe review

11.6kg weight. Priced at $95.

CHOICE Expert Rating


What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

Good points

• Pocket on one end.
• Two wheels with brakes.
• Arch with three stuffed toys to put above the cot.
• Insect net

Bad points

• Serious safety failures: 1. The mattress does not neatly fit the base, creating gaps that could potentially trap the head and cause suffocation. 2. The ends and sides of the cot don't have adequate mesh breathable zones creating a suffocation risk if a child rolls face first against them. 3. The base has significant gaps, making it uneven and not flat enough to be a safe sleeping surface. 4. The mattress is not firm enough, creating a possible suffocation risk if a child rolls onto its side or front. 5. The change table accessory can be attached upside down (there's no label showing the correct way up) and that would leave the harness dangling and forming a strangulation hazard for a child in the cot. 6. The sides of the change table are not angled steeply enough to minimise the risk of the child rolling off. 7. The cot’s folding mechanism poses a neck entrapment hazard. 8. There are multiple gaps where the child’s head could potentially get trapped.
• Minor safety failure: The mattress and base separate too easily from the cot and bassinet.
• Very minor safety failure: There are pinching points at the corners where the top rails are joined that are a hazard to the person folding/unfolding the cot.
• The instructions are badly written and incomplete.
• The cot is very unstable if the rocker bars are being used.
• Very hard to pack in the bag.

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