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The hot cross buns with the most fruit and chocolate

Which supermarket or bakery has the most choc-loaded and fruitiest hot cross buns in town?

hot cross bun with fruit and chocolate
Last updated: 25 March 2021

Are you fruity about hot cross buns? Want to get the most choc for your buck? Then you'll want to know which hot cross buns have the highest percentage of the good stuff (fruit or chocolate, depending on your particular predilections). 

The good news is that it's a one-stop-shop: you can pick up both the fruitiest and chocolatiest hot cross buns at Coles supermarkets. And these heavily-laden buns are also some of the cheapest and tastiest on the market. Win-win! 

Bakers Delight is another purveyor of the chocolatiest buns in town, with equally choc-loaded buns on offer, and Sonoma's dark chocolate hot cross buns aren't far behind. But neither of these could compete with Coles' buns on either flavour or price.

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coles traditional fruit

Coles' Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns contain 27% fruit.

The hot cross buns with the most fruit

Coles Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns

  • Percentage fruit: 27%
  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 80%
  • Price per pack: $3.50
  • Price per bun: $0.58

If you like your hot cross bun packed with fruit, then get to Coles quick smart. These supermarket hot cross buns not only topped the charts in terms of fruit content at 27%, they also topped our traditional fruit hot cross bun taste test with an overall score of 80%. 

And they're free from animal ingredients, so they're perfect for sharing with vegan friends.

coles chocolate

Coles' Chocolate Hot Cross Buns contain 25% chocolate.

The hot cross buns with the most chocolate

Coles Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

  • Percentage chocolate: 25%
  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 84%
  • Price per pack: $3.50
  • Price per bun: $0.58

Coles took out top place again for the highest percentage of inclusions, with 25% chocolate. They were also named the best of the chocolate hot cross buns in our taste test with a CHOICE Expert Rating of 84%. 

They're one of the cheapest chocolate hot cross buns on the market at 58c per bun – the same price as Woolworths' chocolate hot cross buns which scored 74%. (Aldi's chocolate hot cross buns sell for 50c per bun. Our taste test experts gave them a score of 67%.)

bakers delight choc chip

Bakers Delight's chocolate hot cross buns also contain 25% chocolate.

Bakers Delight Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns

  • Percentage chocolate: 25%
  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 75%
  • Price per pack: $8.00
  • Price per bun: $1.33

If you want to skip the queues at the supermarket, head to Bakers Delight for the chocolatiest chocolate hot cross buns. 

While they're up there with the Coles chocolate hot cross buns for chocolate content, they cost more than twice as much and our expert taste testers didn't rate them as highly. 

But they still scored 75%, which is not to be sneezed at. (We recommend hot cross buns with a score of 70% and above, so they still get the CHOICE tick of approval.)

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