Saving energy

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and investigations of power saving devices and how to reduce your energy consumtpion.

Sunflower in front of Solar panel

CPRS legislation off target

Carbon pollution reduction scheme needs to ensure reduced emissions.

8 Mar 2009 | If a new bill becomes law, nearly one million households could be paying for renewable energy that does nothing to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Plastic bottles in recycling bin

CHOICE guide to plastic recycling

Only 15% of plastics we consume are recycled. Here’s what you can do.

26 Feb 2009 | Over the past decade plastics recycling rates have doubled, yet confusion about which plastics can be recycled is hindering progress.

Coloured map of Australia

CHOICE power switching survey

CHOICE investigates why consumers switch electricity retailers.

26 Feb 2009 | With the increased cost of power generation, household bills are set to rise nationally over the next few years and consumers will be on the look-out for cheaper energy prices.


Carbon offsets

Carbon offsets pay for projects that reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Are they all equal?

16 Sep 2008 | Carbon offsets are sold as a way for consumers and business to reduce their environmental impact. How do you know your money is being well spent?

Laptop with bamboo and leaf

Computer's energy costs

How much energy is being sucked up by the technology around your home? And what can you do about it?

30 May 2008 | Studies show that many of us simply aren’t aware of just how much energy household electronics consume.

Green home

CHOICE Interactive Green home

Find out how to be green around your home with our virtual tour.

4 May 2008 | From the kitchen and laundry to the living room and backyard find out how your efforts can be best spent to help reduce your carbon footprint and create a greener future.

Fridges with energy rating labels

Energy rating label

Check the label - your choice can influence your energy bill for years.

8 Jan 2008 | Choosing an energy-efficient model will save you money. And because most electricity generation produces greenhouse gases, it’s better for the environment too.


Multifunction power meter quick review

If you're looking for ways to save energy around the home, it helps to know which appliances are sucking the most power.

29 Dec 2007 | Power meters measure energy use of household appliances. This helps you lower your power bill and reduce carbon emissions.


Guide to going carbon neutral

There are steps you can take to reduce your environmental footprint.

3 Nov 2007 | We’re being presented with green and carbon-reducing options at every turn, and while 'carbon neutral' is a tall order, there are some simple ways to get started.

Power point in field

CHOICE guide to GreenPower

In Australia, electricity consumption, powered mainly by coal, is high.

1 May 2007 | Switching to accredited GreenPower would significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions your household is responsible for, and it’s now available to all Australian households.

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