Feta cheese reviews

There’s more to this cheese of ancient origins than meets the eye.
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Plain feta

Lemnos Fetta Cheese Goat's MilkLemnos fetta goat's milk

Price: $32.45/kg

Tasters' comment

Tangy nose, slightly low salt, good flavour and presentation, slightly crumbly.

Elco Gourmet Australian Greek-style FettaElco Gourment Aust. Greek style fetta

Price: $17.45/kg

Tasters' comment

Good acid and flavour balance, with a firm but slightly grainy finish. 

Emporium Selection Feta Cheese Greek-styleEmporium selection feta greek style

Price: $14.95/kg

Tasters' comment

Sharp acid and good flavour but slightly low salt and a dry, firm texture. Yellow tinge.

Lemnos Fetta Cheese Cow’s MilkLemnos fetta cow's milk

Price: $22.17/kg

Tasters' comment

Flavour stood out, good body, but slightly fatty and pasty texture. Yellow tinge. 

Marinated feta

Dodoni Aegean Bites Marinated FetaDodoni agegean bites marinated feta

Price: $36.60/kg

Tasters' comment

Good feta flavour and acid. Slightly weak texture.


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