Is budget butter better?

Aldi's budget butter is the cream of the crop.

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Organic, grass-fed, cultured, salted, unsalted, hand-churned – how did something as simple as butter become so complicated? And then there's the price. How can what is essentially over-whipped cream vary so much in cost?

We tested 33 butters to find the best butter for your buck. The results might surprise you.

Can you budget on butter and still come out on top? You'd butter believe it!

Top of the crocks

Looks like Aldi keeps churning out winning products at a great price. In the unsalted butter category, Aldi's Beautifully Butterfully unsalted butter ($2.79 for 250g; $1.12/100g) came in equal first, with our expert taste testers scoring it 90% on taste and 83% overall.

It tied with Lurpak's unsalted butter, which at $2/100g is nearly twice the price.

And for those who don't like food miles with their toast, the Aldi butter is Australian; Lurpak comes all the way from Denmark.

At the other end of the price range, Pepe Saya Batch Churned Handcrafted butter will set you back a cool $9 for 225g (that's $4/100g –twice as much as the Lurpak). But money can't buy you love: Pepe Saya's offerings failed to impress the experts, scoring just 62% on taste for the unsalted version and 55% for the salted.

Salty pleasure

If salted butter is more your jam, you can't go past Lurpak's slightly salted butter – our expert judges awarded it 87% for taste. Western Star's salted offering scraped in just behind, with a score of 84% for taste.

New Zealand butter performed well in the salted category, with two out of the three butters that placed equal third coming from across the ditch: Mainland Organic and Westgold. Australia's Devondale salted was on par with its Kiwi cousins, earning a score of 78% for taste.

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