Thousands support traffic lights

Over 3700 consumers joined the call for traffic light labels.
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  • Updated:9 Dec 2011

01.Loud and clear


Over 3700 consumers joined the call for traffic light labels.

The signatures and CHOICE’s open letter were sent to food and health ministers from around Australia.

The CHOICE campaigns team thanks everyone who lent their voice to the call for better food labelling, with the petition garnering 3,731 signatures in just over one week.

This ensured the consumer voice was heard loud and clear when ministers met to decide on the future of food labelling on December 9.

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CHOICE’s open letter to Federal, state and territory governments

Dear Ministers,   

On December 9, you can put the interests of Australian consumers first by improving food labelling.

Evidence shows that traffic lights-style labelling on the front of food packaging can help consumers make healthy decisions at a glance.

By comparison, evidence shows the current Percentage Daily Intake system preferred by some food manufacturers is confusing and based on inconsistent serving sizes.

We ask that you support the right of Australian consumers to make informed decisions and give the green light to better food labels with a traffic lights-style system.

Yours sincerely,



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