CFL light bulb

CFL and LED lamps review

We've tested 11 LED light bulbs (lamps) and three compact fluorescents, including models from Philips, Sylvania, Verbatim and Crompton.

28 Nov 2013 | Find out which of the 14 LED and CFL models scored highest for light output and endurance.

hot water systems - nozzle

Hot water systems buying guide

Don't wait until your hot water system goes. Review your options and plan your next purchase now.

15 Jul 2013 | By researching the options and choosing the best system for your needs, you could save money and the environment.


Where does my electricity bill go?

Find out which household appliance is costing you the most.

8 Nov 2012 | Our CHOICE experts have crunched the numbers to show you which appliances are costing you the most- and what you can do about it.

Baby sleeping

Heating options for your home buying guide

How to keep your home warm this winter. Get unbiased advice and reviews on heaters and heating options.

9 Jul 2012 | Did you freeze last winter? Were you in shock after reading the energy bill? Then it may be time to change the way you heat your home.

Standby energy

Standby energy

Whether its climate change or expense, standby energy affects you.

1 Sep 2011 | Standby energy costs eat into your bank account in small bites and the total cost across the country can amount to tonnes of CO² and other greenhouse gases being emitted.


Save energy, save on bills

Energy prices are on the rise around Australia but there are steps you can take to cut energy use and save on bills.

1 Jul 2011 | In this video, we take you behind the scenes at the CHOICE labs to get some expert advice from our testers on appliance energy savings.


Power meter reviews

You don't need to spend top dollar on an energy meter, most of the cheaper models will do the job.

8 Jun 2011 | Looking to save on your energy bills? A power meter helps monitor electricity consumption and identify ways to reduce energy usage.

Saving on electricity prices

Electricity prices

Electricity bills are rising but can switching electricity suppliers save you money?

3 Jun 2011 | We make sense of the confusing contracts and tariffs of electricity providers and outline a switching action plan.

old appliances

Appliances that last

Not everything is disposable these days.

28 Apr 2011 | Our readers share stories of old reliable appliances and recount tales of appliances that have failed within minutes of first use.

Reduce energy

Energy efficient home guide

We look at energy savings everyone can make.

30 Mar 2011 | We've used our CHOICE testing to bring you a comprehensive list of energy-efficient products for your home.

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