Car accessories

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and comparisons of car accessories - those you need and those you don't.

modern car keys

Modern car keys

Modern keys can mean better security and convenience - until you lose or damage them.

11 Dec 2014 | Ever had to replace an electronic car key? The cost of a new one can come as a shock.

Car roof box

Car roof boxes review

Travel first class with your own overhead luggage compartment for your car.

15 May 2014 | A car can get really cramped when it’s loaded up for a family road trip. A car roof box may be just the ticket for reclaiming some space and comfort.

12-volt compressor

Air compressors review

We test seven portable 12-volt compressors, suitable for inflating 4WD and passenger car tyres.

29 Nov 2013 | Find out which air compressors perform best for inflating tyres. We've also measured noise and evaluated each model for ease of use.


Dashboard cameras

We test 11 dashcams priced between $78 and $600.

24 Jun 2013 | Find out which dashboard cameras rank well for image quality and ease of use, including models from Blackvue, DOD, Navig[8]r and Uniden.

useless car extras

Useless car extras revealed

Don’t get taken for a ride with expensive or unnecessary new car options.

1 Aug 2008 | If you’ve ever bought a new car, you’ll have experienced the hard sell from the dealer, pushing you to add options to the vehicle. Are any of them worth the money?


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