Weddings - at what price?

Our investigation confirms higher quotes go hand in hand with the W-word.
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04.Case studies

Hair at what price

Chandra Pile and husbandChandra Pile, from South Australia, was quoted a price when she booked a hairdresser for herself and her bridesmaids for the morning of her wedding day. On the actual day, however, when the hairdressers had completed their work, Chandra was told she would have to pay what she says was “almost double” the price of the quote.

When she asked why, she was told it cost more for the staff to come in to the salon on a Sunday and that she would need to pay cash straight away. Having been put on the spot, she was left with little choice but to pay up.

Chandra’s advice to anyone planning a wedding is to pay for everything in advance to avoid a similar situation.

Wedding Bouquet or funeral flowers

Terri PsiakisTerri Psiakis, comedian and author of wedding survival guide, Tying the Knot Without Doing Your Block, says she was warned many times by friends not to let on she was planning a wedding when shopping around for flowers and cakes, as she’d likely be charged more.

To test the theory, Tsiakis called a local florist and asked the cost of a wedding bouquet made with certain flowers. A few weeks later, she called the same florist and asked for an identical bouquet, but this time said it was for a funeral. The price difference was astonishing, with the bridal bouquet costing almost $200 more.

“Apparently the bridal bouquet would have the stems wrapped up, but apart from that they were exactly the same. For some reason it seems to be cheaper if you say someone has died.”

Don’t blow the budget

George Paul called the venue he was interested in to get quotes for his wedding, describing the event as a birthday party. He says organisers were fine with the requests and sent him a quote. Later, when confessing he and his partner planned to marry on the day, he says the staff went into in a flap, claiming a wedding required a different menu because there were “different packages for weddings”. When asked why, the response was “that’s just the way we do it”.

When George checked the wedding package, the quote was about 60% more than the original for the same venue, drinks and a slightly different menu. “I told them I only wanted to pay for the birthday package they originally provided. Once they recognised they’d been caught out, they agreed to let me have the wedding there at the price I was originally quoted, no extra cost.”


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