Unwanted Christmas gifts

We take a look at Christmas presents that don't hit the mark.
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  • Updated:21 Dec 2011

01.Christmas duds

Have you ever received a Christmas gift that left you wondering “Why did they waste their money”?

Well, you're not alone - our independent survey of 1503 Australians has revealed revealed a whopping 21% of consumers said they'd been given a Christmas present that didn't hit the mark.

Video: Unwanted Christmas Gifts

We uncover some of the worst Christmas presents, as received by CHOICE members.

One third of survey participants said they were likely to chuck out unworthy or unwanted presents, or squirrel them away somewhere rather than return an item to the shop. Only those in the 18 to 24 age range were likely to take the gift back, and then only for a cash refund.

About 20% of survey participants said they were willing to re-gift - with NSW taking the lead among states at 24%.

Swap an unwanted gift for a BBQ

As a CHOICE member you know how to buy smart this silly season, but many people don’t. If you’ve been on the receiving end of a Christmas dud, email us at member@choice.com.au and if yours is the worst we’ll give you the CHOICE Best Buy barbeque. 

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