Mother's Day guide

This Mother’s Day, we want to give our hardworking mums a gift to thank them for all the ways they make our lives great.
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  • Updated:24 Dec 2010

01.Gift ideas

Thank you mums!

This Mother’s Day, CHOICE wants to give all hardworking mums a gift to thank them for the many ways they make our lives great.

Busy mums are faced with a myriad decisions every day. CHOICE believes they should have the best advice at their fingertips. We’ve got so many valuable tools to make a mum's life easier and more rewarding. When it comes to tips and tricks to improve their lifestyle, CHOICE has all the answers.

So thank you mum, and enjoy all the advice CHOICE has to save you time, money and hassle - not just on Mother’s Day.

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Little home and garden luxuries

Does your idea of paradise involve your partner doing more of the cooking (read, barbecuing) while you rest your head on a perfectly suited pillow with an impressive home-made latte? Help make the dream reality: all this and more can be found in Household.


Fitness or fun

Time-strapped and having trouble finding time to get to the gym? Why not consider one of the many fitness console options currently available. Or, if you’re into more sedate entertainment our digital radios review should fit the bill. See CHOICE’s Home entertainment.


Sweet tooth

If sweets and treats are more your thing, find out which brand tops the list in our Ice-cream review, which chocolates rate best in our rundown of Organic and fairtrade chocolate and the selection of cheeses that will melt your heart this Mother’s Day. You’ll find all the answers in our specialised Food and health section. 


Bookish pleasures

Time to put the feet up? If you’re in relaxation mode, see our bookshop picks in Bargain book buys. Rather than worrying about where to buy them, you can focus all your energies on which grand trilogy to indulge in, or the latest magazine to lazily flick through on Sunday afternoon. Or, maybe you prefer the ease of an Ebook reader.


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