Vacuum cleaners

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides to compare prices and performance of upright, barrel, bagless and handheld vacuum cleaners.


Stick vacuum cleaner reviews

We test 32 stick vacuums, ranging in price between $59 and $599.

21 Oct 2014 | These stick vacuums are handy around the home, and most separate into a handheld vac as well.

Person vacuums wooden flooring.

Vacuum cleaner reviews

We test vacuum cleaners at all price points, from $69 to $1599.

9 Jul 2014 | Our tests reveal which newly tested vacuums – including models from Dyson, Electrolux and Vax – are best at picking up dirt and pet hair.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner reviews

A robot that takes care of the household vacuuming is an attractive idea, but just how good a clean do these machines give you?

17 Mar 2014 | Compare robotic vacuum cleaners from top brands including iRobot, LG, Samsung and Hoover to find the best one for you.


Quick Look: Robot vacuums

A quick introduction to robot vacuum cleaners.

24 Jul 2013 |


Vileda Virobi Robot Mop first look

Does this cheap robot sweeper cut it in the cleaning stakes?

14 Jun 2013 | A robot sweeper for $50 that keeps your floor clean while you sit back and relax - sound too good to be true?


Aldi Lumina Signature DV6288 vacuum cleaner - first look

We take a look at Aldi's latest barrel vacuum cleaner to see how it measures up to the competition.

3 Jun 2013 | We take an early look at Aldi's latest barrel vacuum cleaner.

Hand held vacuum

Handheld vacuum cleaner reviews

We've tested ten handheld vacs ranging in price from $59 up to $349.

6 Mar 2013 | Handheld vacuum cleaners are handy for cleaning up small messes.


Karcher Window Vac first look

Now there's a vacuum cleaner for windows too.

31 Jul 2012 | The Karcher Window Vac WV 70 promises - and delivers - streak-free window cleaning.


ALDI Lumina Signature first look

We take a first look at the ALDI Lumina Signature vacuum cleaner.

26 Jul 2012 | ALDI's Lumina Signature 3019 VC-460 is a good vacuum cleaner at a great price.


Expensive vacuum cleaner reviews

We test high-end vacuum cleaners priced from $600 to $1099.

24 Nov 2011 | CHOICE reveals which expensive vacuum cleaners earn their keep, and whether it's necessary to spend up to $1000 on a model.

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