Coffee machines

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides to compare prices and performance espresso and automatic coffee machines and coffee grinders.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar Professional manual coffee machine

Home espresso coffee machine reviews

With so many designs, features and technologies on offer, which espresso machines will deliver the perfect cup of coffee at home?

18 Dec 2014 | We test 35 coffee machines, a mix of semi-automatic, manual and capsule machines priced from $70 to $2499.


Aeropress quick review

Does this handheld coffee maker leave a bitter aftertaste?

1 Dec 2014 | Many a coffee obsessive raves about this gadget - we find out if it's worth the hype.


Lavazza Minu and Espressotoria Adesso side-by-side review

Capsule coffee machines are praised for their convenience and ease of use: we put two to the test.

13 May 2014 | How do the Lavazza Minu and Espressotoria Adesso capsule machines compare?

Short black cofee on tray

Automatic espresso machine reviews

Automatic espresso machines are more convenient - and some make very good coffee.

20 Aug 2013 | For a fast coffee hit, doesn't real espresso at the push of a button sound more appealing than instant coffee from a tin?


Espresso machines: let's take a quick look.

Automatic, semi-automatic, manual, capsule - which one's for you?

12 Aug 2013 | Automatic, semi-automatic, manual, capsule - which one's for you?


Coffee roaster reviews

True coffee connoisseurs may consider this purchase obligatory.

13 Mar 2012 | If you want to control the freshness and flavour of your coffee then look no further than a home coffee roaster.

Coffee Grinder Reviews

Coffee grinder reviews

They all grind coffee, but which coffee grinder does it best?

17 Feb 2012 | Grinding your coffee beans immediately before making coffee is the best way to extract their full flavour.


MyPressi Twist quick review

How effective is this handheld gadget at making a good cup of coffee?

23 Feb 2011 | Despite their convenience, handheld espresso makers still don't make a decent cup of coffee.


Sunbeam milk frother quick review

These coffee gadgets still don't live up to the hype - or their price tag.

21 Dec 2010 | CHOICE says an espresso machine with in-built milk frother is a better way to go.

Lattemento quick review

Lattemento quick review

High price for a poor quality froth.

4 Aug 2010 | Why spend money on a milk frother, when for a little more you can buy an espresso machine that froths milk as well as makes a great cuppa?

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