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If you find yourself surrounded by pet hair, these may help you.
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Pets have many benefits for their caretakers including stress relief, companionship and a good source of fun for those days when we have time to indulge in play. For some of us however, there is the hair-raising prospect of the stray strands of hair that our pets leave behind.

We reviewed three products that claim to help clean up these pesky pieces of fur:

  • Enjo Lint Glove (A)
  • Evercare Pet Hair Pic-Up (A)
  • Ha-Ra Pet Care Glove
(A) Discontinued.

We had 11 trialists use each of the mitts on three different fabric types: carpet, furniture and clothing. They used the mitts on an area of each fabric, so that they had the opportunity to see how they performed. They also rated the mitts on ease of use and how they compared with their normal method of removing pet hair.

We found that most people use a combination of vacuum and other methods such as sticky tape, lint roller or hand brush. Some of these methods are effective (such as sticky tape) but only for the one use. Many found the mitts, while still effective, were not as efficient as lint rollers or other methods for clothing.

CHOICE verdict

When it came to the idea of purchasing one of the mitts, only a few of our trialists would have been willing to part with their cash, reflecting the majority’s desire to stick with their current method. However, given the most preferred was also the least expensive, the Evercare Pet Hair Pic-Up may be worth a try.

Please note: this information was current as of May 2008 but is still a useful guide to today's market. 



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