Supermarket premium brands

How do supermarket brands rate against their big-name competitors?
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  • Updated:24 Sep 2007


Full results for each brand in table below

    Supermarkets brands
Product Brand name tasted Aldi
compared to brand name
Woolworths Select
compared to brand name
You'll Love Coles
compared to market leader
Aluminium foil Multix Alfoil equal equal not as good
Baked beans in tomato sauce Heinz equal na equal
Canned peach slices in juice SPC better better equal
Chocolate chip cookies Arnott's Premier not as good equal not as good
Pasta sauce (Napolitana) Raguletto na equal equal
Peanut butter (smooth) Kraft not as good not as good equal

Table notes

better - Denotes a score significantly higher than that of the market leader.
equal - Denotes a score that was not significantly different to that of the market leader.
not as good - Denotes a score significantly lower than that of the market leader.
na - Not applicable: the supermarket does not have this variety of product in its premium own brand range.

CHOICE verdict

When doing your weekly shopping, check the price of supermarket premium own-brands such as Woolworths Select and You'll Love Coles. If they offer the products you’re looking for, give them a go — you might be pleasantly surprised.

Aldi is only an option if you live in the eastern states, but you could save as much as 50% on your groceries there. Chances are you’ll generally be happy with the taste or performance.


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