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An electric toothbrush can be a good option for a sometimes tedious chore.
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It’s been some time since CHOICE trialled electric toothbrushes, so we decided to find out what’s changed on the market. We conducted a user trial of nine new models with a broad range of prices and features.

Since our last test the Cochrane Collaboration conducted a review of manual versus powered toothbrushes for oral health. It concluded that using “powered toothbrushes with a rotation oscillation action reduces plaque and gingivitis more than manual tooth brushing” (all but the Colgate models have this action).

In brief

  • Rechargeable toothbrushes were the pick of our user trial
  • Money does equal quality, but there are still bargains to be had.
  • Regardless of whether you’re using a manual or electric toothbrush, dentists still advise at least a two-minute clean.

How we tested

Twenty trialists were recruited trial the 10 electric toothbrushes.

  • User trial While brushing with each toothbrush, trialists were asked to note how easy it was to use, how comfortable it was to grip and the effectiveness of the toothbrush at cleaning their teeth. Once they had used the toothbrush for a minimum of two days, they were asked to fill in a survey to rate the product.
  • Electric toothbrushes We chose all models available on the market at the time of our user trial.
  • Battery tests Prior to the user trial, the CHOICE laboratory assessed the electric toothbrushes to determine their battery power, the electrical safety and energy consumption of the rechargeable units and the number of days before each toothbrush would require recharging, or for the battery-operated products, when the batteries would need replacing.
  • They also did shower and immersion tests, which all passed.

We tested the battery powered toothbrushes with alkaline batteries, but despite the low initial and recurring costs in purchase, none of the battery powered models had good scores compared to most of the rechargeable models. It’s also worth considering the environmental impact that throwing alkaline batteries away incurs. See our test on rechargeable batteries.

Models tested

  • Abode QSQ-22101 (A)
  • Braun Oral-B CrossAction Power Max
  • Braun Oral-B Professional Care 5000
  • Braun Oral-B Professional Care 8500 (A)
  • Braun Oral-B Professional Care 9500 Triumph (with Smart Guide)
  • Braun Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean
  • Colgate Actibrush Multi-Action
  • Colgate Motion
  • SpinBrush Pro-Clean

(A) Discontinued, but may still be available in some stores.



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