Independent and trusted reviews and advice about cosmetics, including information about cosmetic surgery, moisturisers, chemicals in cosmetics, and make-up.


The dirt on antibacterials

CHOICE goes beyond the health hype of cleaners and sanitisers.

10 Nov 2011 | These cleaners are a popular choice in the battle against bacteria, but they're often no more effective than soap and water.


Deodorants vs antiperspirants

Which antiperspirants are likely to be more effective – and can you trust their grand claims?

22 Feb 2011 | We address some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding deodorants and antiperspirants.

Mineral foundation

Mineral make-up not so natural

Mineral foundations not as miraculous as marketers would have you believe.

30 Sep 2009 | Mineral foundation is marketed as a more natural alternative to other foundations and usually contains finely crushed, naturally occurring minerals. But our investigation found it's not as natural as you'd think.


Chemicals in cosmetics - are they safe?

Are personal care products full of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals?

24 Jun 2009 | There's a lot of websites listing chemicals to avoid in cosmetics, some with convincing reasons for doing so, such as cancer, infertility and general toxicity.

Applying face cream

Is it really "clinically proven"?

Don't be hoodwinked by ads spruiking the benefits of scientific-sounding, "clinically proven" ingredients

30 Apr 2009 | Flick through the ads in women’s magazines these days and you could almost be reading a medical journal.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery not all prettty

CHOICE investigates the cosmetic surgery industry and uncovers some disturbingly unprofessional practices.

25 Feb 2009 | Among the latest promotions for cosmetic surgery procedures are "Need a lift?" and "Beautiful breasts always get noticed!"


Moisturising tanning lotions user trial

They promise a hint of colour before summer arrives. Do they live up to their claims?

3 Sep 2008 | As the last vestiges of winter creep away it’s time to pack up your winter woollies and get into summer clothes.

Spraying deodorant

Antiperspirant and deodorant user trial

Here’s all you need to know about sweat and how to avoid those dreaded white marks.

23 Jun 2008 | For thousands of years humans have tried to disguise, cover or eliminate personal smells through the use of perfumes, scented oils and crystals.

Man with face cream

Men's moisturisers user trial

Men's moisturisers are big business. Find out what our trialists preferred.

9 Apr 2008 | CHOICE asked 57 male home testers to trial eight "normal skin" moisturisers. Participants were given six unidentified moisturisers which they used for three days consecutively.


Counterfeit perfumes - how to smell a fake

CHOICE sniffs out the facts on the counterfeit perfume business.

21 Nov 2007 | While it’s more likely you’ll come across a counterfeit perfume at the markets or online, some knock-offs are also finding their way onto retail shelves.

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