Independent and trusted reviews and advice about cosmetics, including information about cosmetic surgery, moisturisers, chemicals in cosmetics, and make-up.

lash extensions lead

Eyelash extension safety

The latest beauty fad to hit Australia is eyelash extensions – but just how safe are they?

4 Dec 2014 | Eyelash extensions promise luscious lashes that last for up to six weeks, but are the health risks worth it?

Organic cosmetics lead

Natural and organic cosmetics

Are you getting what you think you're paying for?

25 Nov 2014 | We show you how to pick the genuine products, highlight some tricks and traps, and consider whether "natural" or "organic" cosmetics are actually any better than their "chemical" counterparts.

Medically approved

'Medically approved' products

Do products endorsed by doctors live up to their claims?

5 Nov 2014 | What does it mean when cosmetics are "hypoallergenic" or "dermatologically tested", or they carry an endorsement by medical professionals – and can you trust it?

Woman with face marked up for treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections, Botox and fillers

The face of anti-wrinkle treatment is changing with injectables, Botox and fillers growing rapidly in popularity.

24 Mar 2014 | Thinking about anti-wrinkle treatments but lost in a sea of Botox, injectables, synthetic and fat fillers?

The Body Shop secretly sells out on animal testing

The Body Shop sells out on animal testing

CHOICE uncovers the truth about the company's operations in China.

11 Mar 2014 | CHOICE has found The Body Shop products on sale in airports in China, where under Chinese law products can be pulled off the shelves for safety testing at any time, which can include testing on animals.


Cost of cosmetics

Why do the same cosmetics cost more in Australia than overseas?

3 Dec 2013 | When it comes to cosmetic prices, why do Australians pay up to 200% more?


First look: DermaWand

Can non-surgical facelift devices like the DermaWand help you manage the visible signs of ageing?

13 Nov 2013 | Our two triallists each used the DermaWand for six weeks. Find out if it lived up to its promise to deliver younger-looking skin.

Mozzie repellents

Mosquito repellents review

As Australians begin their mass annual migration to the country’s lakes and beaches, CHOICE finds out which mosquito repellents actually repel mozzies

6 Nov 2013 | We test 15 mozzie repellents to determine their effectiveness and whether or not they meet their claims. The recommended products provide the best protection against mozzie bites.


Animal testing labelling

Can you trust a cosmetic company's claims that its products aren't tested on animals? If it sells them in China, possibly not.

6 May 2013 | Your favourite cosmetic brands could be being tested on animals even while they claim not to be. Find out which are the worst offenders.


Non-surgical anti-ageing treatments

Is knifeless surgery too good to be true?

19 Apr 2013 | There are many non-surgical options offered to people who would like to look younger, promising the benefits of surgery but without the pain, cost and down time. But do they live up to their claims?

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