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Leg waxing

Home hair removal user trial

02 May 2007 | We sent out wax kits, wax strips, depilatories and epilators to 141 voluntarily hairy-legged trialists.  More »

Woman drying hair

Hair dryer reviews

02 Jul 2010 | CHOICE conducted a user trial of 14 hair dryers to find out if a hefty price tag or new technological features make a difference.   More »

Men's shavers

Men's shavers reviews

28 Nov 2013 | We report on 14 men's electric shavers (13 battery and one mains-powered) from Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington.  More »

Woman putting on face cream

Anti aging creams review

15 Jun 2007 | The current buzzword in the world of anti-aging is cosmeceuticals. But is there any real science behind the hype?  More »

Girl in bikini

Self tanning review and compare

04 Oct 2006 | Our results show that a big name or a higher price is no guarantee of how much you’ll like a product.  More »

Woman straightening hair

Hair straighteners

27 Nov 2007 | You can’t change the genes that make your hair straight or curly, but now you can easily wear your wavy mane straight once in a while.  More »


Can you trust your dentist?

23 Nov 2009 | Our undercover "patient" visited 14 Sydney dentists. Their wildly different verdicts on her teeth expose flaws in our dental system.  More »


Chemicals in cosmetics - are they safe?

24 Jun 2009 | There's a lot of websites listing chemicals to avoid in cosmetics, some with convincing reasons for doing so, such as cancer, infertility and general toxicity.  More »

hair removal wax

Professional hair removal guide

27 Feb 2007 | Whether you choose to pluck, shave, wax or zap it, getting rid of unwanted hair can be a time-consuming and often expensive and painful process.   More »

Woman colouring hir

Home hair colour review and compare

02 May 2007 | 113 women trialled the 100% grey coverage, permanent hair dyes for us.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

Woman with face marked up for treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections, Botox and fillers

24 Mar 2014 | Thinking about anti-wrinkle treatments but lost in a sea of Botox, injectables, synthetic and fat fillers?   More »


Dental costs: is the price right?

16 Sep 2013 | Prices for dental work can vary dramatically from practice to practice. We find out why.  More »

Choosing correct shoes and foot care

Taking care of your feet

21 Feb 2014 | How to choose footcare products that work and shoes that are best for your feet.  More »

'Made in secrecy' label on jeans

Ethical fashion

17 Feb 2014 | Even Australian-made garments are likely not as ethically made as you thought they were. We look into the real cost of your clothes.   More »

The Body Shop secretly sells out on animal testing

The Body Shop sells out on animal testing

11 Mar 2014 | CHOICE has found The Body Shop products on sale in airports in China, where under Chinese law products can be pulled off the shelves for safety testing at any time, which can include testing on animals.  More »


Cost of cosmetics

03 Dec 2013 | When it comes to cosmetic prices, why do Australians pay up to 200% more?  More »

Men's shavers

Men's shavers reviews

28 Nov 2013 | We report on 14 men's electric shavers (13 battery and one mains-powered) from Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington.  More »


First look: DermaWand

13 Nov 2013 | Our two triallists each used the DermaWand for six weeks. Find out if it lived up to its promise to deliver younger-looking skin.   More »


Beard trimmers

21 Aug 2013 | Two CHOICE staffers check out some facial hair trimmers.  More »


Non-surgical anti-ageing treatments

19 Apr 2013 | There are many non-surgical options offered to people who would like to look younger, promising the benefits of surgery but without the pain, cost and down time. But do they live up to their claims?  More »

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